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What is a hackathon?
A Hackathon is a unique environment wherein teams of innovators engage in design thinking.

Each team is challenged to come up with an innovative product (or a prototype of a product or a business model or a service-based model) that is a solution to the given problem statement.

Rotathon is not only looking for project pitches that solve the given problem statement but also promote social entrepreneurship and change. At Rotathon, all the pitches (for each problem statement, separately) shall compete with each other to be declared the ultimate winner!

You can also watch our video on our Instagram or Youtube handles explaining what a Hackathon is!
How does a virtual hackathon work?
In an online or virtual hackathon, all participants are remotely connected. Irrespective of their location, hackathon enthusiasts can participate and demonstrate their skills on an online hackathon platform using various tools.

An online hackathon thus gives everyone the opportunity to participate, showcase their skills, and have fun. Online hackathons are often used for narrowly-defined coding challenges which test participants’ experiences and expertise. These events can be based on specific APIs, frameworks, or programming languages.
What is an ideathon?
In an Ideathon, participating teams are expected to brainstorm viable solutions for the given problem statement for their chosen track.

The problem statements can range from corporate issues to environmental concerns and the participating teams will be expected to bring possible solutions to eliminate these problems by their innovative ideas.

They must make a strong pitch for their novel idea to be declared as the winner! Rotathon has an exciting range of prizes for the winning and the two running-up idea pitches!

You can also watch our video on our Instagram or Youtube handles explaining what an Ideathon is!
Where do I get more information?
Check out our Devpost for more info!

Join our Discord server for the latest updates!
What if I can’t code?
If you can't code, that's totally not a problem! Rotathon is not looking for coders but innovators! Coding is not a prerequisite for participating in Rotathon. We will also be hosting mentorship sessions to help you gain more insight.
What is the benefit of participating?
Rotathon provides a platform for brilliant exposure to critical thinking skills, as the participants will get first-hand knowledge and guidance from industry leaders. It will help the participants to broaden their horizons by making them connect and interact with like-minded people and learn from each other. The events will test theoretical as well as practical knowledge of the participants and will also make them learn application-based skills, under the exclusive mentorship program of Rotathon. This flagship project is designed to provide comprehensive development to the participants and will help them grow in a holistic manner.
Do I need to pay money to register?
No, Rotathon has no Registration Fees!
What if I don’t come as a team and as an individual?
You can option for registering as an individual and you will be connected with other people participating individually globally in order to form a team!